Fluid Evolution

IoT Technologies

Real-time monitoring systems and the “Internet of Things” (IoT), combining wireless communication with sensor and actuation technologies, have been a large step forward. However, all these systems require electrical power, and increasingly so, as they increase in sophistication and complexity.


The direct consequence of this evolution is a growing demand in energy to power these control devices.

Grid power, on the one hand, is not a viable solution in extended networks, e.g. in large cities, or remote areas, such as raw-water pipes in the mountains.


Current off-grid power sources, on the other hand, all have significant limitations. Batteries are limited in the energy they can store, thus making real-time monitoring impossible.

Solar panels are at risk of theft, and require complex planning permission negotiations, not to mention dependence on favourable weather and installation sites.
However, they present various logistic and economic issues (installation, maintenance and usually they are largely oversized for these applications) with a high impact on the environment.

AQUAMT Solution:

AquaMT is an innovative, competitively priced, complete solution that is suited for continuous monitoring and remote regulation of pressure in water distribution networks, capable of overcoming all current off-grid electricity generation limitations by requiring zero additional power.


The AquaMT system consists of a smart, low-power Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), that continuously monitors network parameters and pressure values at critical points and analyses the data by cloud-based control software in real-time (IoT), an algorithm makes decisions to control an electric actuator autonomously.

In response to load demand, the RTU accurately and smoothly controls pressure in hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). As the PRV generates a pressure drop, it allows the highly innovative, patented microturbine, from AMT, to spin up and generate on-site  electricity. 


The microturbine operates continuously, generating energy by utilising a small amount of the water flow power. By harvesting energy in this way, effectively for free, AquaMT becomes free of the constraints experienced by state-of-the-art alternatives, as it is independent of ambient conditions and with zero burning of fuel.

Water Treatment: 

Thanks to the know-how gained at the Italian headquarters, Fast Est is able to propose integrated and innovative solutions able to meet any need in the various contexts of the water service: water supply, sewerage, purification.


FAST Est realizes automation solutions for treatment and purification plants using systems based on PLC / DCS.  The skills acquired enable the company to deal with both small size realities and great plants dedicated to large towns and industrial areas.


The company provides solutions based on remote terminal units of new generation. They are able to combine automation functions to communication capability, enabling the remote control of small plants.

Innovative Solutions with high level of Automation and Remote Control: 

In the water integrated service a wide range of plants coexist, from systems with thousands of signals controller to simple installations with just a few valves and sensors.
Automation systems (PLC,DCS,SCADA) and remote control systems (mobile,IoT, F.O) are essential to guarantee an effective management of the service. Fast-Est, using its products and the skills developed as system integrator, offers advanced, innovative and reliable solutions that can fulfill any need.